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Today, we’re tackling one of those embarrassing-but-serious Google search questions: why do my armpits stink and how can I get rid of it?!

If you’ve ever caught a wiff of your pits halfway through the day and wondered WHY do I smell like this, keep reading. We wanted to know, are there ways banish armpit stench rather than just masking it on the most stressful of days? To answer this burning question, we enlisted the help of Vault esthetician and waxing master Denise to help us get to the bottom of stinky pit solutions. With over 12 years of waxing experience, she's seen it all and learned a thing or two about skincare, hair removal and body odour.

  1. Keep a clean canvas: the ancient Egyptians were the innovators of body waxing for both hair removal and to eliminate smell. It has been said that regular waxing of your armpits can actually reduce how much you sweat over time and diminish the cumulative build-up of odour causing bacteria.
  2. Try something natural: Focus on killing the bacteria that causes your armpit to smell. Believe it or not, it’s not the sweat causing the stench, it’s the bacteria. Also, you want to avoid deodorants that contain aluminum.

We’ve never been able to find a great, non-aluminum deodorant that lasts throughout the day. If you have a favourite, please let us know! We’ve started trying a more natural option using our SunnaTan coconut oil as a base, it's gentle, soothing and effective as coconut oil is a natural antibacterial. Check out the recipe below, it's as simple as adding baking soda (which works to absorb odour and sweat) to the coconut oil, plus a couple drops of tea tree oil to kill the bacteria and a dash of lavender to soften the scent. Keep a container (we like to use a little mason jar) in your bathroom, gym bag or purse and use it anywhere on the body as refresher. Recipe below:

  •  1/4 Cup of baking soda
  •  4 Tablespoon SunnaTan coconut oil, soft (room temperature)
  •  1/4 tsp tea tree oil or lavender or your favourite, try peppermint! 

3. Other random pit tips: 

  • drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and flushed of toxins
  • chill out! it can be hard when you're busy, but try to set aside some time to relax and unwind everyday. Stress can actually cause your body odour to worsen!
  • if you're getting ready for a date or special event, try to refrain from eating garlic, hot peppers, onions and any other potent smelling foods. They can and will creep through your skin!