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The Holiday Beauty Cheat Sheet


Hi VIB’s! I’m Alyssa, the Vault’s resident Makeup Artist. I love creating glam holiday makeup that focuses on your glowing, flawless skin. Let’s get right into it - the holidays are an excuse to go all out with your makeup and wear those daring shades of lipstick in crimson and berry, or step out in a sultry smoky eye!  But you’ve got to start with your skin and your natural features. 

First things first: give your brows some love and have them waxed and tinted before your holiday parties. A well-shaped brow frames the face and is flattering to any look. A quick wax & tint at the Vault is $41 

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Skin + lip prep

Your beauty routine needs to change with the seasons. Cold temperatures and dry air leave our skin and hair rough and chapped.  

How to combat dehydrated skin and hair

- drink lots of water 
- sleep with a
humidifier in your room –  I swear by it and it has changed my hair and skin!  

- switch to a heavier night cream and gently exfoliate a few times a week  
- regularly use a sugar lip scrub and medicated lip balm especially before applying lipstick – I love the Sara Happ line of lip care, available at the Vault (Sara Happ Lip Balm - $30 - Sara Happ Lip Scrub - $30) - treat your parched hair to a weekly hydrating / repairing mask – try  Blacklight Intensive Replenshing Mask - $13, available at the Vault- avoid extra hot showers and baths coconut oil is your best friend, slather it on as soon as you step out of the shower to seal in the moisture – also available at the Vault - SunnaTan Coconut Oil $22 


Now that our skin is soft and supple from all the exfoliating and moisturizing let's talk about makeup:

First, pick a feature focus and have most of your makeup intensity in that area this avoids looking overdone or costume-y. Think bold lips or bold eyes and keep the other feature subdued. 

- always start with a face primer. This will smooth away any texture on your skin and keep your foundation in place 
- to avoid flat and dull looking skin mix a cream illuminator in with your foundation or use a powder highlighter on all the high planes of your face to create a dewy skinned look  
- wear a translucent powder that you can touch up with throughout the day / night without becoming over powdered or chalky looking 
- go for more glam makeup and include jewel tones for a smoldering moody look. Or keep it neutral with rose gold and taupes while you have the focus on your wine coloured lips  
- use a
pearlized eyeshadow in your inner corners to brighten things up  
- use a hydrating lash growth serum like NuvaLash to quench your lashes that have become brittle from the weather and the use of your lash curler - Nuvalash - $80, available at the Vault 
- Wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner if you think that the chilly wind will make your eyes water  
- false lashes always add extra intensity and make your eyes more defined in dimly lit areas and photos - now $65 as a VIB! Regularly $75 
- for a stained lip gently pat your lipstick in the center of your lips and blend out. You can set your lipstick with translucent powder to make it last longer

- if you are going to wear glitter keep it to a minimum and limit it to one area of the face. Glitter can easily look tacky not to mention it's messy and high maintenance! 

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