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The Winter Shades


Tis' the season for parties, family dinners and cozy fireside snuggles! We think the holiday season is such a fun time to play around with your nail colours. While we love a classic matching red manicure and pedicure, we wanted to switch it up a bit and try some creative colour combos inspired by every chilly winter mood. 

All colours below are available at the Vault - choose based on your winter style! 

1 - The Ice Queen

Clean, crisp white nails are beautiful all year round, but they look extra stunning in the winter - reminiscent of the fresh snow and twinkling stars. Plus, white goes perfectly with everything from a little black dress to a cozy knit sweater. We like to contrast the white mani with a pop of bright blue on the toes, like an icy, frozen lake! We call this combo: the Ice Queen. 

Try: CND Studio White on the nails & CND Creekside on the toes

2 - The Cinnamon Heart

This combo is perfect for the classic sweetheart - with a touch of spice. A soft pink on the nails will last you through holiday sugar cookie baking, and will look super-sweet with your flannel jammies on Christmas Eve. Add a little spice with a fiery red on the toes to keep them warm inside your woolie socks. We call this combo: The Cinnamon Heart. 

Try: OPI Bubble Bath or CND Winter Glow on nails & CND Wildfire on toes

3 - The Champagne Shorty

This combo is for the the glamorous babe who's ready to pop a couple bottles over the holidays! For champagne dipped nails, pick a chic nude shade as your base, and add a touch of glitter on the tip or a couple feature nails. Get a little wild with the toes and go full glitter to pair with your fingers. 


OPI Be There In A ProseccoOPI Super Star Status - gold glitter gel polish to add on top of a couple feature nails and all over toes! 

4 - The Dark Angel

This combo is meant for the stylish babe who lives in black leather leggings, a chic wool hat and cashmere sweaters alllllll winter long. A darker palette of a simple brown neutral on the nails and classic, sophisticated black on the toes is an elegant combo. 

Try: Bio Seaweed Gel in Hot Cocoa on the nails & OPI Black Onyx on the toes