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5 Ways To Look More Youthful in Under an Hour


#1: A whiter smile - 15-20 minutes

Our teeth can be one of the first places that we show our age. Years of early morning coffees and late night red wines take their toll inside and out. Luckily, we can erase the buildup in just 15 minutes with a SunnaSmile in-studio teeth whitening session ($79), or grab an at-home whitening kit ($129 at the Vault) and use it weekly.  Come in for a quick and painless SunnaSmile whitening session and leave looking years younger. Don't forget to smile!

#2: Faux-glowing skin - 20 minutes

A great post-vacation glow always makes us feel younger! But as we know, using a UV tanning bed or sitting out in the sun will dramatically speed up the aging of your skin, not to mention the risk of skin cancer. For a quick glow without the damage, try our Organic airbrush tan. The all-natural formula will give your skin a subtle, healthy glow all while evening out your skin tone to distract from any little imperfections that have accumulated over the years like varicose veins, uneven pigment, scars or cellulite.

#3: Botox and dermal fillers - 30-45 minutes

If you're feeling a little worn out, beyond what a good night's sleep can fix, it may be time to give Botox and dermal fillers attry. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and the effects of stress and harsh facial expressions start to show. Botox and dermal fillers can subtly prevent, slow and reverse the signs of aging in just moments. Stop by for a consult and treatment with our cosmetic injectables expert Lisa. She can assess your face and needs, including subtly plumping lips, hollowed undereyes, forehead lines and even acne scars with almost immediate results. These are non-surgical procedures with little to no downtime.

 #4: Make it up - 20 minutes

Makeup is no secret, but it is one of the most fun and easy ways to make yourself look and feel more youthful. With the proper application and best products suited to your skin type,  you can shave a few years off, or at least look like you didn’t pull an all-nighter. For personalized tips on application and proper products, book a makeup tutorial with the Vault's makeup artist Alyssa! A few tips from her:

Remember to always start by hydrating your skin with a moisturizer that is suited to your skin type and follow with a facial primer that contains silicone. This will smooth over any uneven texture. Opt for hydrating formulas of foundation or BB cream to keep your skin looking slightly dewy and bright.

  • Wear brown eyeliner as opposed to black as it looks less harsh especially around tired eyes.
  • Oh, and don't forget to curl your lashes as this will make you look more awake!
  • Our brows start to get more sparse with time; find a soft brow pencil tofill in and balance your brows.
  • If you can't afford lip filler, find a punchy lip gloss, apply to the centre of your lips et voila! Your lips will look instantly more full and pouty.
  • Never forget to protect your skin with a facial SPF daily - yes even in Calgary in the winter!

#5: A little hair care - 20-30 minutes

As we age our hair starts to loose its natural shine. Add the shine back in by committing to regular hair cuts (every 8 weeks) a weekly hair mask, glossing hair spray and a salon grade shampoo & conditioner. If you're feeling like your in a hair rut, come visit the Vault's hair team for a consult, a new cut and/or colour that will suit you best. For ideas, refer to our previous blog post on 2016 Hair Trends!

While all of our secret youth weapons are cosmetic, taking care of your body and mind daily is the best way to remain looking and feeling young for life. Feeling good on the inside always reflects well on the outside, so find your favourite ways to stay energized and happy, even if that means a pedicure or two every month :)