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The sweeter side of hair removal


Hey babes! In this edition of The Beauty Bank, we wanted to share a few fun facts about our sweet new hair removal service: sugaring! We still love our hard waxing, but we tried lots of types of sugar and chose to bring in Tamara's Organic Sugar as a Certified Organic, gentle option for sensitive skin. Read on! 




The Vault’s sugaring method uses all-natural, Certified Organic sugar paste. The warm, sticky paste is massaged into the hair follicles in the direction of the hair growth, then quickly and gently pulled to remove hair from its roots.

Ouch factor: many sugaring fans feel it hurts less than waxing, since it is applied at a cooler temperature than hard wax and adheres only to the hair, not the skin.

Calm and cool: Tamara’s Organic Sugar paste was developed to keep redness away – after a wax, the skin can become red and inflamed for a few hours. The after effect of sugaring leaves little to no redness, so if you’re headed out right after an appointment or slipping into your bikini later that day, no problem.

Keep it short: sugaring requires less regrowth for extraction, whereas most waxing requires at least 1/2 inch of growth. So, it’s a great option if you’re headed on a date or vacay and need a get rid of a few hairs!

Some hair removal tips and tricks

Discomfort is only felt during the service and should subside immediately after. The best part: our experts are extremely quick and experienced!

Avoid using any scrubs or exposing your skin to sunlight for at least 24 hours after your appointment, as the skin may be more sensitive.

Exfoliate the skin as you start to feel hair regrowth - this avoids itchiness and ingrown hairs. We’ve got some amazing new dry bikini dry brushes in stock at the Vault, made specifically for bikini area exfoliation!

Waxing and sugaring weakens the hair follicles, so you should notice less regrowth after repeated treatments. 

If you are nervous or worried about pain, take an ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before your appointment.

If it’s your first waxing or sugaring appointment, arrive a few minutes early wearing loose, comfortable clothing and take a few minutes to breathe and relax. Be sure to let Denise or Felicia know if it is your first time so they can walk you through it.

Here's to staying sweet and smooth this summer, babes!


The Vault Squad