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A day in the life of... Dione Setohuchi

To Dione Setoguchi, being the owner of Fond Boutique and motivator at YYC Cycle means a jam-packed, but balanced schedule that she keeps in check by making self-care a priority. After work and in her downtime, it’s all about a couple glasses of wine or a cocktail with her gals, cuddling her pup or cracking open her well-loved copy of Cravings in the kitchen with her BF. No two days are the same, but that’s one of the things she loves most about being an on-the-go entrepreneur. We caught up with Dione at the Vanity Vault while she took a timeout for some beauty maintenance to find out more about how this bold boss babe stays on top of it all, and looks flawless while she’s at it.

6 A.M.: 8 Hours or Bust

9 times out of 10 I’ll still be fast asleep at this hour. I’ve never been an early riser, and I especially don’t live for working out before the sun comes up!  I can barely function on less that 8 hours of zzz’s, so considering my average bedtime of 11pm – the math doesn’t lie.

7.30 A.M.: Rise and Grind

And I’m up! I usually start my morning with freshly ground coffee beans, French press style.  Our household go-to is anything from Phil & Sebastian! I pair that with avocado toast, hemp seeds and a side of berries.  Avocado for the good fats, hemp seeds for protein and berries for the antioxidants, giving me the pre-workout boost I need!  Before I leave my house for the day I review my schedule in detail. I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of an organization freak, but hey, can a person ever be too organized?  Don’t answer that! I use my iCal to ensure I never miss meetings, appointments or workouts, and I write every scheduled piece of my week in my beloved Wrinkle & Crease planner.  Something about writing days out feels grounding.

9.15 A.M.: Time to Move

On Tuesday mornings you’ll find me teaching at YYC Cycle in Marda Loop. I teach three times a week, and it totally energizes and exhilarates me getting up in front of a group of people who come ready to sweat it out with me. To be able to have lash extensions and tinted brows gives me the confidence to walk into the studio for any of my classes without makeup.  And WOW does it ever save me time in the morning. Teaching spin also does a number on my feet, so I get regular shellac pedicures to keep my toes looking fresh. Well, as fresh as toes can be 🙂

12 P.M.: #Balance

Every year I reset my goals and update my core values. Time after time, ‘balance’ rings strong and true in every aspect of my life, diet included. When I’m leaving the studio and heading to my next meeting I will often stop at Our Daily Brett. Whether I’m craving sweet or savory, greens or spicy, they are guaranteed to deliver. My order almost always includes a refreshing Juice Because. Betty is probably my fave.

2.30 P.M.: Me Time

Once every two to three weeks I’ll schedule a visit to the Vault. I’m not even going to pretend to be low maintenance, but I love convenience and take pride in saving time and being resourceful. So instead of having to run to one place for my hair, another for nails and another for waxing, one afternoon of treatments at the Vanity Vault = weeks of easy transitions.  A few of my go-to beauty maintenance musts are:

  • Getting EVERYTHING waxed by a pro means no embarrassing moments in the change room, feeling fresh and confident in my workout wear.
  • A glow is a MUST have for me! Getting regular OrganicTan airbrush tans means I don’t have to wear foundation, and that when I have long days I still look energized and glowing at the end of it.
  • I usually stick to a nude shellac mani that will last me a couple weeks with grow out. And I love that it goes with everything I wear.
  • On weekends when we take Fond to a market or a pop-up, I love that a good blow-out gives me days of not having to wash or restyle my hair.

5 P.M.: Sweaty to Stylish…and back again

Depending on the day of the week, I’ll either be teaching a pre-dinner spin, hitting up a class at Barre Belle, or meeting up with one of my gals for Happy Hour (Current No.1 is Bridgette Bar). My at-times sporadic schedule can make styling outfits a bit challenging, but luckily I live for athleisure and dressed up, comfy, casual looks.  One of my best gf’s just launched Parts + Labor, and her pieces are exactly what my wardrobe needs when transitioning from work to workout to play!  I’m a firm believer that a woman can pull any outfit off, as long as you wear it with certainty and confidence.  I’ll throw on a leather jackets to give any outfit an edge, and love mixing casual items with high quality, unique pieces.  Owning a consignment boutique has given me the opportunity to own brands that I a) didn’t know existed, and b) couldn’t fit into my budget at full retail price. AND even better I love sharing that with others!

7.30 P.M.: More Eating

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, and I don’t know what I love more: cooking or going out for dinner! If I am cooking, I’m usually trying out new recipes (thank you Pinterest and Chrissy Teigen) or tweaking old ones (thank you Grandma and Grandpa).  Fridays and Saturdays usually call for wine (hello, balance) so come Monday morning, I make sure to tackle those wine-stained teeth with my Smile Prep and At-Home Whitening Kit from SunnaSmile.

11 P.M.: Turn Down

I’d be withholding a small part of my life if I didn’t tell you that I nerd out on Netflix more than I probably should. I know science tells us that we’re not supposed to watch TV before bed, but it’s my day and life and well, it’s the honest truth.  In all seriousness, I love what I do and variety ensures that I won’t fall into a routine that bores me.  Between Fond and YYC Cycle I check all the boxes I need for a happy career and a fulfilled life!  I also hate working alone, and love that both professions give me the opportunity to connect with amazing people in my community.